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The Human Biology Association Welcomes Dr. Lynnette Leidy Sievert as Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Human Biology

On October 1, 2013, the Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Human Biology transitioned from the direction of Dr. Peter Ellison to Dr. Lynnette Leidy Sievert, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  The AJHB is the official publication of the Human Biology Association, and the HBA wishes to extend its recognition and appreciation to Dr. Ellison for successfully guiding the AJHB into its current position as one of the top journals in our field.

Dr. Sievert is an international expert on menopause and symptoms at midlife as aspects of human variation, as well as the evolution of menopause and post-reproductive life.  She is an elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and is on the Board of Trustees for the North American Menopause Society.  She has been a member of the Human Biology Association since 1989, and is a past HBA Secretary/Treasurer.

In conversation, Dr. Sievert stated that she views herself as following in the path of Robert Malina who built the Journal, and Peter Ellison who refined the Journal.  The AJHB is healthy and well-respected, with an impact factor of 2.335 and an ISI ranking of 8/83 in Anthropology. The aims and scope of the Journal will remain the same, with a focus on manuscripts that stress comparative, developmental, ecological, or evolutionary perspectives.  Thomas McDade will continue as the Methods Series Editor.  The new Book Review Editor will be Josh Snodgrass.  Joan Stevenson is stepping down after more than 12 years of wonderful book reviews.  Lil Knight will be the new Editorial Assistant, answering e-mails at

Dr. Sievert noted one major change:The publisher of the AJHB, John Wiley and Sons, has changed the journal subscription format that comes as a benefit of HBA membership from paper to electronic format. Print-on-Demand is still available
for those who choose - at additional cost. Members will be instructed on how to set up their e-journal subscription in the near future. Each issue will include a free PDF with the full-size cover, masthead, and table of contents.  Lynnette calls upon us to continue to submit our best manuscripts to the AJHB, the keystone publication of the Human Biology Association.