2015 Franz Boas Lifetime Achievement Award

HBA Treasurer Virginia Vitzthum, HBA Past-President Deborah Crooks, Dr. Stinson, and Dr. Barry Bogin.

2015 EE Hunt Graduate Student Award

Edward E. Hunt, Jr. Student Award for best graduate student oral and poster presentations were awarded to Asher Rosinger (University of Georgia) (left), and Traci Bekelman (University of Colorado), (middle), by HBA Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, Dr. Barbara Pipperata (right).

2015 Raymond Pearl Memorial Lecturer

The 2015 Raymond Pearl Memorial Lecturer, Dr. Margaret Neville, University of Colorado, receives her award from HBA President, Andrea Wiley

2015 Michael A. Little Early Career Award

Michael A. Little Early Career Award recipient Dr. Brandon Kohrt (Duke University Global Health Institute), with nominator and HBA Secretary, Dr. Jason deCaro.

2015 Spielvogel Undergraduate Student Award

Hilde Spielvogel Award for Outstanding Presentation by an Undergraduate Study was awarded to Natasha Hoehn (university of Calgary), by HBA Executive Committee member and Membership Committee Chair, Dr. Susan Johnson.