Episode 14 – Bags of Fingernail Clippings and Muslim Refugees with Rieti Gengo

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In episode 14, we interview Rieti Gengo, a doctoral candidate in biocultural anthropology at Notre Dame. Besides fingernail clippings, we talk to Rieti about his recent publication “Positive effects of refugee presence on host community nutritional status in Turkana County, Kenya” in American Journal of Human Biology (onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/ajhb.23060). For more info about Rieti, check out … Read More

Episode 13 – Milk Does Not Necessarily Do a Body Good with Andrea Wiley (Part B)

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In episodes 12 and 13, we interview Andrea Wiley from Indiana University and share an edit of her October 13, 2016 James R. Bindon Biocultural Anthropology and Health Series lecture at the University of Alabama entitled “Biocultural Perspectives and Biological ‘Normalcy’: The example of human consumption of cow’s milk.” Wiley is Professor of Anthropology and … Read More