Dr. Nina Jablonski is Evan Pugh Professor of Anthropology at Penn State University. She is a primatologist and paleoanthropologist but has also become among the foremost experts in the world on the biology and evolution of human skin pigmentation. She is author of Living Color: The Biological and Social Meaning of Skin Color (2012) and Skin: A Natural History (2006).

Dr. Jablonski was interviewed by Chris, along with Jo Weaver and Erik Peterson, while in Tuscaloosa, AL to give a lecture for the ALLELE speaker series. The interview was recorded by Jim Bindon. Jo, Erik, and Jim produce the Speaking of Race podcast, and we shared portions of the interview.

Learn more about Dr. Jablonski’s research and teaching at her department webpage: http://anth.la.psu.edu/people/ngj2. Contact Nina Jablonski: Ngj2@psu.edu. Get info about the Finding Your Roots program she develops and runs with Henry Louis Gates http://www.findingyourroots.la.psu.edu/


Find more information about the UA ALLELE series: http://evolution.ua.edu/. Nina Jablonski’s full lecture with video will be posted on the ALLELE Vimeo site: https://vimeo.com/channels/allele/videos

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Interview engineered by Jim Bindon. Lecture recorded by UA’s eTech. Mixing and editing by Chris. Music by the Morning Shakes.

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