Each year the Human Biology Association will distribute up to three (3) travel grants of $1,000 US dollars each to International (non-North American) members to be used in support of their travel to the annual meeting. The grants are made to HBA members from outside North America who have an abstract accepted for the meeting and who make an appropriate case for support.

Criteria for the travel award

  • The applicant should not have been awarded a grant in the previous year.
  • Students are prioritized over other categories; student as first authors are prioritized.
  • Following students, the order of prioritization will be junior faculty/researchers/practitioners, followed by senior researchers/faculty/practitioners.
  • Travel distance, overall costs and geographic origin are also considered, with members from developing countries prioritized.

For the 2016 Annual HBA meetings, International Members (students and professionals, including new members) who wish to apply for a travel grant should check the appropriate box when submitting their abstract and email an application by February 15, 2016 to Dr. Inês Varela-Silva (Chair, International Committee) at: m.i.o.varela-silva@lboro.ac.uk

The application must include:

  • A copy of the accepted abstract in which the candidate is the first author.
  • A motivation of no more than 250 words (one page, A4 or 8.5 inches x11 inches) giving reasons for why they feel they should receive the award.  This motivation will only be used in cases where we receive more than three applications.
  • Details of their expected travel costs (e.g., air fares and hotel costs).