On this week’s SoS episode, we bring you a guest episode from the Inking of Immunity podcast, brought to you by Chris Lynn, Becci Owens, Mike Smetana, Julia Sponholtz & Patricia Arnett. In this episode, they interview Dr. Gemma Angel and discuss her experience with preserved tattoos.

Dr. Gemma Angel is an interdisciplinary scholar specialising in the history and anthropology of the European tattoo, post-mortem tattoo collecting and preservation practices, artefacts manufactured from human skin, and medical museum collections of human remains.
She completed her doctoral thesis at University College London in collaboration with the Science Museum in 2013, on a collection of 300 preserved tattooed human skins of nineteenth-century French origin. She has also previously trained as a tattooist.
Gemma is currently Programme Director for the MA/MSc Museum Studies programme at the University of Leicester School of Museum Studies, where she lectures on material culture, museum anthropology, and the history of objects and collections.

Twitter: @Gemma_Angel | @Lifeand6Months
Instagram: @Lifeand6Months
Web: www.lifeand6months.com/

Transcription of this episode can be found here: otter.ai/u/wAiohdafg2Q7QjgeBcaRu_b6r8U
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