To start the new year off right, Chris and Cara chat with Dr. Helen Davis, a research associate at Harvard University. In this episode, Dr. Davis talks about her work on cognition and learning among the Tsimane, Twa, Zemba, and Himba. She also discusses her nonprofit and how she and her team contribute to their research communities through the One Pencil Project.

Contact Dr. Davis at, on Twitter @Helen_E_Davis and on her website

Read her recent publication ” Cultural Change Reduces GenderDifferences in Mobility and Spatial Ability among Seminomadic Pastoralist-Forager Children in Northern Namibia” with Jonathan Stack and Elizabeth Cashdan in Human Nature here:…2110-021-09388-7

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  • Helen buenas tardes en pimer lugar desearle un cordial saludos y éxitos en sus labores que desempeñas a diario en bien de la sociedad, una consulta usted trabaja todavía con los ingenieros sin fronteras ?

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