Human Biology Association · SoS 169- Andrea Silva-Caballero on Whether Technology Affects Adolescent Sleep

Andrea Silva-Caballero completed her BA in Biological Anthropology in 2013 at the National School of Anthropology and History, Mexico City. Since then, she has specialized in medical anthropology with a focus on the pediatric population. She holds an MSc in Evolutionary Medicine awarded in 2017 by the University of Durham, United Kingdom, and is a member of the Durham Infancy & Sleep Center. She’s currently wrapping up revisions on her dissertation.

Silva-Caballero’s research reexamines current biomedical ideas concerning adolescent sleep by examining and comparing adolescents’ sleep patterns in two rural sites and one urban site in Mexico. In particular, she addresses the phase shift in adolescents’ sleep-wake cycle and the influence of artificial light and solitary sleep on their sleep timing and duration.

Silva-Caballero was also the recipient of HBA’s 2022 E.E. Hunt Award, which recognizes a graduate student for an outstanding presentation or poster at the meeting. Silva-Caballero’s poster was titled “Non-WEIRD Circadian Rhythms: Is There An Adolescent Shift in Sleep Timing.”

Finally, Andrea’s name may be familiar to listeners, as she is a member of our HBA Public Relations team. She is a junior service fellow for HBA & has been managing the website for the past year.
The abstract for Andrea’s 2022 HBA poster, “Non-WEIRD circadian rhythms: is there an adolescent shift in sleep timing?” can be found here:…02/ajhb.23740

Andrea won the Edward E. Hunt Jr. Award for this presentation at this year’s HBA conference. Congrats, Andrea!
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