Human Biology Association · SoS 170- Lara Durgavich on Orangutan Menstruation, and the Case of the Missing Clitoris

Dr. Lara Durgavich is a visiting lecturer in the Anthropology Department at Boston University. In 2013, Lara received her Ph.D. from Boston University as well. Her research focuses on ovarian function, mating behaviors, and life history in captive orangutans. A strong proponent of science communication and outreach, Lara is also heavily involved with March Mammal Madness, a topic of discussion on this podcast many times in the past.

Chris and Cara investigate her new paper, “A composite menstrual cycle of captive orangutans, with associated hormonal and behavioral variability,” which recently came out in The American Journal of Primatology and can be found here:

Her 2020 TEDxTufts Talk “An evolutionary perspective on human health and disease” can be found here:…_health_and_disease
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