Human Biology Association · SoS SoS 181- Dr. Asher Rosinger returns to the podcast to discuss water and thirst!

On this show Dr. Asher Rosinger joins Cara and Chris to discuss his new paper in the American Journal of Human Biology (AJHB) titled “Cross-cultural variation in thirst perception in hot-humid and hot-arid environments: Evidence from two small-scale populations.”

Dr. Rosinger’s paper is available here:

For more insight on this topic please see the upcoming AJHB special issue on Extreme Climatic Events and Human Biology and Health, which will be released in January and ties into the theme of thirst and extreme thermal environments.

Applications for the NSF REU field school mentioned on this episode can be accessed here:…ld-school

Correction: During the podcast Dr. Rosinger mentions “Sarah Fenestra” but her last name is Hlubik.


Dr. Rosinger is an assistant professor of Anthropology and Biobehavioral Health at Penn State University where he is the director of the Water, Health, and Nutrition laboratory.

Dr. Rosinger’s full bio and e-mail address can be found here:


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