SoS 38- Fire! with Andy Sorensen

This week on this Sausage of Science, Chris and Cara chat with Dr. Andrew Sorensen, a post-doctoral researcher within the Human Origins and Material Culture Studies groups at the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden. Dr. Sorensen’s work investigates pyrotechnology in the Palaeolithic, with a focus on fire use and fire making by Neandertals.

Dr. Sorensen’s work has been covered by a number of popular outlets, including The Washington Post. To get in touch with him, follow him on Twitter @Pyropithecus, or see his website with the University of Leiden:
Check out some of Dr. Sorensen’s awesome science communication work on Neandertals and fire here:
As well as his latest article, “Neandertal fire-making technology inferred from microwear analysis”, found here:

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