Chris and Cara chat with Dr. NIcky Hawley, an assistant professor of anthropology and epidemiology at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Hawley’s work focuses on the intergenerational transmission of chronic disease in Samoa, American Samoa, and South Africa.

In this episode, she chats with Chris and Cara about her work with the Genome-Wide Association Study of Adiposity in Samoa. Her interview sheds light on ethical considerations and the possibilities of political and community engagement within the sciences. To contact Dr. Hawley, check out her website with Yale or her page with the OLAGA Samoan study group at or on facebook at

The Sausage of Science is produced by Cara Ocobock and Chris Lynn, with assistance from Junior Service Fellow Caroline Owens for the Public Relations Committee of the Human Biology Association. The song in the soundbed is “Always Lyin’” by the Morning Shakes.

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