Water pirates, stigma, and books to come- this episode has a little bit of everything. This episode is a special feature with Drs. Alex Brewis and Amber Wutich, both President’s Professors in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University. We are fortunate to have them on to discuss the upcoming American Journal of Human Biology special feature on water insecurity. Drs. Brewis and Wutich discuss their paths to researching water, stigma, and becoming a writing/researching duo.

Be sure to check out the latest AJHB issue: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/15206300. Additionally, check out their latest book, “Lazy, Crazy, and Disgusting: Stigma and the Undoing of Global Health” and check out their websites for their upcoming projects: http://amberwutich.org/ and http://alexbrewis.org/about-alex/. To get in touch with Dr. Brewis, send her an email at Alex.Brewis@asu.edu or follow her on twitter @brewis_alex. To get in touch with Dr. Wutich, send her an email at Amber.Wutich@asu.edu or follow her on twitter @AWutich.

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