Dr. Rebecca Gibson, a visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame, shares her fascinating research on the history of corsets in this week’s episode. Dr. Gibson’s primary research examines changes in the skeletal structure of women who wore corsets between 1700-1900 CE. She also discusses her work exploring the romantic and sexual entanglements of AI and robotics in science-fiction.

Follow Dr. Gibson on twitter @RGibsongirl and check out her author’s page at www.facebook.com/TheCorsetedSkeleton.

Check out the paper and book referenced in the episode here:

Article: “Effects of long term corseting on the female skeleton: a preliminary morphological examination” www.academia.edu/16410795/Effects…ical_Examination

Book: “Desire in the Age of Robots and AI” www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9783030240165

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