SoS 90 – Biocultural Perspectives on Tattooing with Dr. Christopher Lynn
We’re back from break! To kick off this new season, we have an interview with our very own Dr. Christopher Lynn. Chris is a biocultural medical anthropologist and Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Alabama. In this episode Chris talks about his ongoing work examining associations between immune function and tattooing, focusing on a recent article featured in the AJHB Special Issue: Continuity and Change in Biocultural Anthropology. This study tested whether tattooing may act as a costly signal of immunological quality among participants in American Samoa.

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Check out the AJHB article “The evolutionary adaptation of body art: Tattooing as costly honest signaling of enhanced immune response in American Samoa” referenced in the episode here:

You can find the rest of the AJHB Special Issue articles here:

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