Dr. Leslea Hlusko is currently the Vice President of the American Association of Physical Anthropology and a professor of integrative biology at UC Berkeley. She will soon be joining Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana, CENIEH, in Burgos, Spain as a research professor. In this episode Cara and Chris interview Leslea about her recent paper “A genotype: phenotype approach testing taxonomic hypotheses in hominids” and her broader work on the genetic and developmental basis of mammalian skeletal variation. -You can learn more about Dr. Hlusko’s work here:www.lesleahlusko.org/Contact the Sausage of Science and Human Biology Association:Facebook:www.facebook.com/groups/humanbiol…site:humbio.org/, Twitter: @HumBioAssoc Cara Ocobock, Website:sites.nd.edu/cara-ocobock/,Email:cocobock@nd.edu, Twitter:@CaraOcobock Chris Lynn, HBA Public Relations Committee Chair,Website:cdlynn.people.ua.edu/,Email:cdlynn@ua.edu, Twitter:@Chris_Ly Theresa Gildner, Website:bonesandbehavior.org/theresa_gildner, Email: Theresa.E.Gildner@dartmouth.edu, Twitter: @TEGildner Delaney Glass, Website:dglass.netlify.app/, Email: dglass1@uw.edu, Twitter: @GlassDelaney Alexandra Niclou, Email: aniclou@nd.edu, Twitter: @fiat_Luxandra

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