SoS22- Do it to the Extreme:A Chat with Mallika Sarma

In episode 22, we talk with Notre Dame graduate student Mallika Sarma. Mallika discusses many aspects of graduate life, including olympic lifting, her reserach on environmental extremes and energetics, and her most recent book and movie recommendations.

Mallika has been involved in a number of research projects, and is currently completing her dissertation research in Wyoming which will compare adaptations among populations who have lived in high- or low-altitude environments for generations with those who move to a high-altitude environment for a few months. Mallika also discusses her ideal research project: working with NASA and taking the field of anthropology to all new heights.For more information on Mallika, check out her graduate student page with Notre Dame or a recent article highlighting her ongoing research. Mallika is also happy to connect via twitter @skyy_mal or over email at
Check out a feature on NASA’s hulk machine at this link:

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