SoS Episode 23- When it Rains, it Floods: A Chat with Asher Rosinger

In episode 23, we talk with Dr. Asher Rosinger, a member of the Human Biology Association and Assistant Professor of Biobehavioral Health and Anthropology at Penn State. At Penn State, Rosinger examines human response to changing nutritional and economic environments through water and dietary intake and the significance of mismatches in these relationships for short/long-term health, nutrition, and disease.

In this episode, he discusses his path to anthropology, as well as stories from his dissertation work with the Tsimane, work at the CDC, and life as a new parent (including a few well-deserved “Dad Jokes”). With several publications presently in the works, Rosinger takes some time to shares his tips for collaborative work, big data analysis, and publication success. Opportunities for secondary data analysis grant funding through the NIH are detailed on the NIH website: He is also seeking a graduate student in the Department of Biobehavioral Health, and is happy to chat with any interested candidates! More information about his research can be found at his faculty page:, and can be reached via email at or on twitter @asher_rosinger.

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