SoS27- In-Between Spaces with Carolyn Jost Robinson

In episode 27, we talk with Dr. Carolyn Jost Robinson, Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Dr. Robinson shares her experience navigating in-between spaces in research, field sites, and a few notable experiences in the field.

From establishing field schools to various infections, Dr. Robinson touches on experiential aspects of life as an anthropologist. Refusing to fit inside the lines, Dr. Robinson’s research fuses biological and cultural anthropology, human and wildlife behavioral ecology and adaptation to study human-natural systems. For more information on Dr. Robinson, check out her webpage and recent publications at, and feel free to reach out to her via email at

The Sausage of Science is produced by Cara Ocobock and Chris Lynn, with assistance from Junior Service Fellow Caroline Owens for the Public Relations Committee of the Human Biology Association. The song in the soundbed is “Always Lyin’” by the Morning Shakes.

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