SoS Episode 31- A Chat with Starfleet’s Evolutionary Scientist: Mohamed Noor

Boldly going where few scientists have gone before, Dr. Mohamed Noor chats with Chris and Cara Ocobock about evolution, star trek, and science outreach. Dr. Noor has explored these topics in his recent book, “Live Long and Evolve: What Star Trek Can Teach Us about Evolution, Genetics, and Life on Other Worlds”.

In addition to his post with the Starfleet, Dr. Noor is Professor of Biology at Duke University, where his research team strives to understand what genetic changes contribute to the formation of new species, and how the process of genetic recombination affects both species formation and molecular evolution. To learn more about Dr. Noor, visit his webpage at Duke:, or email him at His book can be found with Princeton University Press and is also available on Amazon, check it out here:

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