Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting 2017-05-09T18:16:56+00:00

42nd Annual Meeting of the Human Biology Association

The Annual Meeting of the Human Biology Association will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 19-20, 2017.  Our meeting will be held at the Marriott at 555 Canal St. (in partnership with the AAPA ).  The Plenary Session, organized by Charles Nunn, will be “An Evolutionary Perspective on Sleep and Health Disparities.” Dr. Jerome Siegel will deliver the Pearl Lecture.

All HBA Sessions will be held at the Westin New Orleans Canal Place. 100 Rue Iberville. It is 2 blocks from the Marriott and has additional rooms available. The rate is $189 per night and can be booked at:  AAPA 2017 Annual Meeting (OR copy and paste the following link into a web browser:

Please read the President’s Letter and current Call for Abstracts.

Please access the Meeting Schedule here.


Pre-registration is now closed.  If you missed pre-registration, you will still be able to register at the meeting.

On-site registration:  

  • Non-Member (student and non-student): $150
  • Members (Subscribing and Fellows): $120
  • Student Members: $60 (must be current on student dues)

During the meeting, only cash or check payments will be taken. No credit card payments will be accepted at the meeting.

TRAVEL INFORMATION:  Human Biology Association is a global research community of scientists, the strengths of which, in large part, draw upon the intellectual and social synergy that emerges from wide-ranging perspectives and representation of all humans. Serving human welfare is at the heart of our mission, without exception. That mission relies on independent gathering and reporting of evidence, analysis and free debate of data and ideas, representation of all aspects of humanity, and global multidisciplinary collaboration and outreach. We welcome participation from all who share these goals and commitments, at meetings, in journals and other scientific fora.

We are looking forward to this invaluable exchange of ideas and data at the upcoming conference this April 19-20.  Unfortunately, we are unable to predict what complications may arise during travel. Members should use their own discretion in choosing whether or not to travel. However, we will be happy to supply letters on the HBA’s letterhead confirming presentation at HBA meetings, as this may aid in getting through visa/immigration barriers.

Photographs clockwise from top: Italian Society Tomb, French Quarter Gallery, Pirates Alley, Jackson Square, Street Sign, Bourbon Street. Photographs by Ronald R. Ferrucci