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Michael A. Little Award

About the Michael A. Little Achievement Award

The Michael A. Little Early Career Award, established in 2013, recognizes a member of the Human Biology Association, in the early years of her or his career, for a significant contribution to the field of human biology and the promise of future significant contributions. The award is open to all HBA Fellows with a PhD, and is not limited to those in academic employment. Criteria for the award are: (1) the recipient shall be identified for a specific contribution or set of contributions to the field; (2) the nominators deem high the likelihood of continuing, significant contributions to the field; (3) the recipient has received her/his PhD within 8 years prior to the nomination. Recipients are honored at the annual meeting Awards Luncheon.

2024 Award Winners Dr. Sam Urlacher and Dr. Morgan Hoke


Recipients of the Michael A. Little Early Career Award:

2013 Barbara Piperata

2013 Josh Snodgrass

2014 Amanda L. Thompson

2015 Brandon Kohrt

2019 E.A. Quinn

2019 Miguel Vilar

2020 Lee Gettler

2020 Zaneta Thayer

2021 L. Zachary DuBois

2022 Cara Ocobock

2022 Asher Rosinger

2023 Melanie Martin

2024 Morgan Hoke & Sam Urlacher

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