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Boas Award

About the Franz Boas Distinguished Achievement Award

The Franz Boas Distinguished Achievement Award honors members of the Association for exemplary contributions to human biology in science, scholarship, and other professional service. Criteria for the award are: (1) the recipient shall be identified as a leading figure in our profession, either from the United States or from abroad; (2) the recipient shall have made a series of contributions that represent a significant accomplishment within the profession; (3) alternately, the recipient shall have made a remarkable contribution or creative act that transcends normal scientific achievement and that is worthy of recognition both outside of and within the profession of human biology. The Call for Nominations for the Boas Award is sent to HBA members in July with nominations due in October for consideration by the Executive Committee. Recipients are honored at the annual meeting Awards Luncheon.

2024 Award Winner Dr. Alex Brewis

Recipients of the Franz Boas Distinguished Achievement Award:

1996 Gabriel Ward Lasker

1997 James M. Tanner

1998 Alice M. Brues

1999 Francisco M. Saldano

2000 Paul T. Baker

2001 Derek F. Roberts

2002 Stanley M. Garn

2003 Geoffrey A. Harrison

2004 Alex F. Roche

2005 Ralph M. Garruto, Michael A. Little

2006 Robert Malina

2007 Emőke J. E. Szathmary

2008 A. Roberto Frisancho

2009 Cynthia M. Beall

2010 Lorna G. Moore

2011 Michael H. Crawford

2012 A. T. Steegmann, Jr.

2014 Darna Dufour

2015 Sara Stinson

2016 Wenda Trevathan​

2017 Deborah Crooks

2018 Gary James

2019 Peter T. Ellison

2020 Carol M. Worthman

2021 William R. Leonard

2022 Lynnette Leidy Seivert

2023 James McKenna

2024 Alex Brewis

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