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International Travel Award

About the International Member Travel Award

The HBA International Committee offers an International Travel Award for international members to attend the annual meetings. This award of up to $1000 (US) is open to all international HBA members who reside/work outside the U.S./Canada and who have an abstract accepted for the HBA Annual Meeting. The applications are evaluated on the basis of quality of the application, career stage, economic need and the existence of matching funds from other sponsors as well as the costs of airfare and other travel expenses.

Application Process

To apply, please submit a letter justifying the request for the funds, including a budget listing travel expenses, and the title of the paper or poster that the applicant will be presenting. Applications are reviewed by the HBA Executive Committee. Applications should be emailed to the International Liaison of the HBA Executive Committee (Hilton Pereira da Silva at hilton.silva@unb.br) AND the Membership Coordinator (Felicia Madimenos at felicia.madimenos@qc.cuny.edu). For the 2024 meetings, applications are due February 1, 2024.

Review Criteria

  1. The applicant should not have been awarded HBA travel funds in the previous year.
  2. The applicant must be a member in good standing (i.e., has paid 2024 dues by the time of application – a good opportunity to do so at https://www.humbio.org/membership/).
  3. In general, students who are first authors of a presentation are given priority over other membership categories.
  4. Junior faculty/researchers are typically prioritized over senior faculty/researchers/practitioners.
  5. Applicants from low to middle income economies are typically prioritized over those from developed ones.
  6. Travel distance and costs are also considered in prioritizing applications. If the applicant’s residence/work location at the time of the meeting differs from his or her usual residence/work location, this should be explained in the letter.
  7. The existence of matching funds from other institutions are viewed positively as an indication of the effort made by the applicant to attend the conference and of those other institutions to support said effort.
  8. This award will only be granted to applicants with accepted abstracts for HBA’s upcoming Annual Meeting.

This award is meant to cover only the costs of travel to and from the HBA meetings, and only those travel costs not covered by other sources (e.g., university professional development funds). Original travel receipts must be submitted to receive the funds. The HBA provides funds in US dollars only, and the recipient is responsible for any associated taxes or bank/transfer fees.

First author award recipients are expected to present their own paper/poster and all award recipients are expected to attend all scientific sessions at the HBA meetings.

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