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Season 7

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Dr. Azcorra Pérez Shares Insights on Nutritional Ecology and Bonsai FarmingHugo Azcorra Pérez  SoS 217 Listen Nutritional Ecology, Human Growth, Intergenerational Factors of Family Development
Claire Gold - Breastfeeding, Menarche, and ConsequencesClaire Gold  SoS 216 Listen Breastfeeding, Menarche, Cancer Risk
Taiye Winful Investigates the Embodiment of Stress in Nigeria  Taiye WinfulSoS 215ListenEmbodiment, Africa, Genomic Diversity 
Prof. Julienne Rutherford Talks About Marmoset Births and Human PelvisesJulienne Rutherford  SoS 214 ListenPelvises, Primate Births, Biosocial Determinants of Health 
Prof. Gregoricka Discusses the Ethics of Legacy Collections and Other Brioarch. Topics Lesley Gregoricka SoS 213Listen Bioarchaeology, Stable Isotopes, Legacy Collections 
Melanie Martin Mother-Infant COVID-19 Transmission and Social Jetlag Melanie MartinSoS 212 Listen  COVID-19, Growth & Development, Sleep Health
Prof. Ben Trumble Explains the Connection Between Oral Health and Cognitive Aging Ben TrumbleSoS 211 ListenOral Health, Reproduction, Cognitive Aging 
Dr. Chris Kuzawa on the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD)  Chris KuzawaSoS 210 ListenReproduction, Life History, Adult Biology 
Anthropological Perspectives on Dementia with Dr. Eric Griffith  Eric GriffithSoS 209  Listen Human Variation, Dementia, Central Mexico
Prof. Levy-Lewis Explains the Evolutionary
Relevance of Peer Learning in Children

 Sheina Levy-Lewis

 SoS 208 ListenChildren, Evolution, Social Learning

Season 6

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Dr. Meradeth Snow: aDNA in Paquimé (Cases Grandes)  Meradeth SnowSoS 207 Listen aDNA, Forensics, Paquimé, Genetic Research Ethics
Dr. Charles Roseman Wants to Know -- Are You Adapt-Erific?Charles Roseman SoS 206 Listen Adaptation, Scientific Dead Ends, Biological Sex, Scientific Frameworks
Dimitris Xygalatas on Fire Walking & Other Things that Make Us Human  Dimitris Xygalatas SoS 205 Listen Rituals, Fire Walking, Experimental Anthropology, Connection 
Everything You Need to Know About Parasites and Self Medication with Ed Hagen Ed Hagen SoS 204ListenParasites, Medication, Pharmacological Plants, Pathogen Pressure 
Achsah Dorsey Discusses Anemia in PeruAchsah Dorsey  SoS 203Listen Childhood Health, Anemia, Evolutionary Medicine, Nutrition, Peru
Georgia Scott: Bioarchaeology, Ethics, and Perseverance Georgia ScottSoS 202 ListenResearch Ethics, Bioarchaeology, Treatment of Human Remains 
Dr. Molly Fox Discusses the Importance of Latina Grandmothers Molly FoxSoS 201 Listen Grandmothers, Mexican-American Women, Postpartum Depression, Infant Development, Biophysiology 
Dee Jolly Explains How Stigma Affects Trans Peoples' Health Dee JollySoS 200 Listen  Stigma, Trans & Gender Diverse Health, Political Climate
Rob Tennyson Talks Telomeres, Athletes, & Stress Rob TennysonSoS 199Listen Aging, Molecular Processes, Student Athletes, Mental Health 
 Woman the Hunter as Told by Sarah Lacy and Cara Ocobock Sarah Lacy & Cara OcobockSoS 198 Listen Energetics, Women, Archaeology, Sexism, Estrogen, Long-Distance Running 
Cara Wall-Scheffler Talks Women, Energetics, & HuntingCara Wall-Scheffler SoS 197 Listen  Sexual Dimorphism, Energetics, Thermoregulation, Women, Long-Distance Locomotion
Prof. Liz Mallott Talks Microbiome! Liz Mallott SoS 196  ListenMicrobiome, Social Determinants of Health, Environmental Pollutants, Child Health, Minority Health
Dr. Sage Kelmelis Explains Demographic Methods in Paleoepidemiology Sage KelmelisSoS 195 Listen Bioarchaeology, Life History, Tattoos, Paleodemography, Bangladesh, Maya

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