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Spielvogel Award

About the Hilde Spielvogel Award for Outstanding Presentation by an Undergraduate Student

The Spielvogel Award (established in 2014) recognizes the outstanding presentation (paper or poster) by an undergrad student at the Annual Meeting. Papers/posters submitted for this award must be based on novel analysis and interpretation of primary data (collected by the student and/or a co-author) and/or secondary data (published or unpublished data collected by someone other than the author[s]). In addition to delivering the presentation at the Annual Meeting, the candidate for the award is expected to have made a major contribution to the work (e.g., at least 50% of the data collection and/or analysis and/or writing). Papers/posters are evaluated on the basis of the quality of the research, analysis and presentation by a sub-committee of the HBA Executive Committee. Recipients are honored at the annual meeting Awards Luncheon.

Recipients of the Hilde Spielvogel Award for Outstanding Presentation by an Undergraduate Student:

2014 Rebecca Bedwell (Indiana University): “The impact of federal breastfeeding policy initiatives and socioeconomic factors in Indiana on women’s breastfeeding practices and attitudes”

2014 William Olson (University of Oregon): “The Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE): Depression and body composition among aging populations.”

2015 Natasha Hoehn (University of Calgary): “Dietary diversity in the Mukishi of Guyana”

2016 Jonah Stone

2017 Joshua Miller

2018 Caroline Owens

2019 Kate Tanawattanacharoen

2021 Kaspars Mikelsteins

2022 Suzanna Alejandra Geisel-Zamora

2023 Zag McDowall

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