2022               “Nothing Burns Like the Cold”: Human Biocultural adaptations to extreme cold.

2020/2021    The normal and the normative in human biology

2019                Life and Death: Human Biology and Water

2018                Integrating biosocial perspectives to understand health disparities across the lifespan

2017                An Evolutionary Perspective on Sleep and Health Disparities

2016               Worldwide variation in human growth – 40 years later

2015               The milk of human kind(ness): the importance of human milk in human evolution and modern health.

2014               Human Biology and the Microbiome

2013               Broader Impacts? Translating Human Biology for Public Good

2012               A Half-Century of High Altitude Studies in Anthropology

2011               Human Biology Eats: Contemporary Research and Future Directions

2010               Human Biology and the Brain

2009               The Past 10,000 Years: Is There a Mismatch between our Environment and our Genes?